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Dead Axle are used for mounting wheels to the chassis, without the need for additional motors. So, you can have 2 geared motors at the back, and 2 dead axle in the front for mounting 4 wheels to the robotic car chassis.

Good Quality Dummy motor made with Plastic with 6mm shaft diameter. Use e type cir—clip for holding the wheel Shaft Dia 6mm  length 12mm.

A DC motor clamp or a bracket is used to mount the motor tightly on any solid surface. Thus it increases the usability of the motor & makes motor mounting very convenient. This clamp or mount bracket is designed for DC Geared Motors.


  • 6mm Shaft Diameter
  • 2 screw Hole for fixing on cabinet
  • Nut for Fixing with Cabinet
  • Shaft with 3mm Hole for wheel tightening


  • Used as idler wheel mount in a track belt layout.

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