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            This product is a high quality PIC microcontroller development board,it uses USB and an external 5V DC power supply, leave ICSP debug interface (Note: must be purchased separately programmer or emulator to download programs to the development board) PIC-Circuit Debugger (PICKit2 & ICD2, etc.), or programmer (K149 & K150, etc.) to facilitate debugging, download. Completely independent of the IO port design, the microcontroller to open the peripheral circuit using jumper to take on, take the jumper pulled out a minimal system can easily expand the transfer circuit is not the board jamming, freedom of the peripheral circuit and MCU design shorted cap and the DuPont line to achieve a variety of experiments. BK300 + PIC development board has a wealth of on-board resources, catch the PIC microcontroller's internal resources, full of learning applications. BK300 + PIC development board learning applications, as well as incidental to the development board schematic and routine study reference, each routine to do the detailed notes from the simple to the complex layers of depth. Users can easily, convenient grasp of the PIC's internal resource utilization and system software development.

•    Compact and ready to use design.
•    On board Two Line LCD Display (2x16, 2x24).
•    On Board graphical display Interface.
•    On Board dot matrix display Interface.
•    Eight multiplexed 7-Segment LED Display.
•    On Board 8 LED Interface to test I/O.
•    On Board NTC (103) Sensor Interface.
•    On board LDR sensor interface.
•    On Board piezo Buzzer Interface.
•    On Board Matrix keyboard (16 keys).
•    On Board DIP switch Interface.
•    On Board micro SD card Interface.
•    On Board L293d Interface.
•    On Board 12v, 7.5A Relay Interface.
•    On board I2C EEPROM (4K-AT24C04).
•    On board I2C RTC (DS 1307) with Crystal and Battery.
•    On Board ADC0804 Interface.
•    On Board ULN2803 Interface.
•    Screw terminal for AC power Supply input.
•    External Power Supply range of DC 9V to 20V.
•    Adaptor (any standard 9-12V power supply) option.
•    On Board 1 Amp Voltage Regulator.
•    On Board CAN bus (MCP2551) Interface.
•    On Board DB9male and female Connector.
•    RS-232 Interface with max232 chip connection.
•    On Board XBEE Interface.
•    On Board micro USB Connector.
•    On Board Bluetooth Interface Support.
•    On Board ESP8266 Interface Support.
•    Variable potentiometer with analog channel select pin.
•    On Board ISP Connector for Atmel microcontrollers.
•    On Board 40 pin socket, I/O PORT pins, UART communication, PWM connection.
•    On Board 16 MHz Crystal Oscillator.
•    On Board Power LED Indicator.
•    Can be used as main board for developing applications.