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This RFID Access Control Shield transforms your Arduino to an access control device. This unit is compatible with RFID modules such as micro RFID, EM-18 and ID-3LA. It includes almost everything that an access control system requires. Onboard Relay driving circuitry helps your Arduino to control magnetic locks, solenoid valve etc. The 5V buzzer provided on board can be used for indicating the RFID card acceptance, say single beep for card acceptance and double beep for rejection. 

Relay pins are available on a 3-pin screw terminal (NO,NC,COM) along with a 2-pin screw terminal for powering the 12V relay. Three LEDs are provided on board; STS, RLY and PWR. PWR indicates the power while RLY indicates relay actuation. STS comes in direct connection with  an Arduino pin (D12) and it can be controlled in accordance with your Arduino sketch.

The shield is provided with an on board DPDT sliding switch which helps you to connect the RFID module either to your PC (via Arduino USB) or to your Arduino. This feature helps you to configure/test the RFID module before actually using it in your project, this eliminates the need for any separate RFID development board. In addition there are two other onboard switches for ease of access, SW1 to reset your arduino and SW2 in connection with GPIO(D10). This shield comes with a couple of jumper connections for ease of use.




Enables/Disables Buzzer


TX Pulldown (to be used with 3V3 Arduino Boards)


Selects between hardware UART and software UART


RX Pulldown 
(to be used with 3V3 Arduino Boards)


Switches Buzzer between Arduino & Module


Output format selection for μRFID/EM-18 Module (Short - WEIGAND 26, Open - TTL Serial)


Output format selection for ID-3LA Module (Serial ASCII: Strap to GND, WEIGAND 26: Strap to +5V)

Switching buzzer to module (using jumper J6) automatically triggers the buzzer whenever a RFID tag is read by the reader. The shield does come with headers pre-installed, just plug it and  your arduino is ready to read RFID tags. Do burn a proper sketch before trying to read any tags ;) 


  • If you are using multiple shields, make sure this shield stays on top of all others.
  • No RFID reader module is included in this package.

Compatible with Arduino R3 Layout

  • Onboard DPDT switch allows you to select the destination for RFID Output (PC or Arduino)
  • Professionally Designed Double sided FR-4 PTH PCB
  • Mounts directly onto your Arduino
  • Onboard Relay with screw terminals for connection
  • Onboard Buzzer for Audio alert (could be switched between arduino/module via jumper)
  • Pinout for connecting External Antenna for ID-3LA reader
  • Pinout for WIEGAND output of EM-18 Module
  • Arduino Reset button brought out on shield for easy accessibility.
  • Onboard GPIO connected input switch
  • 3 LEDS ,Power, Relay Status and Program controlled

Package Includes:

  • 1 x RFID Access Control Shield For μRFID/EM-18/ID-3LA

Major applications of the module:

 • Toll fee collection The reader can be connected to the beginning or end of a toll road, which can read the RFID cards from vehicles and debit money accordingly

 • Access control Restrict entry based on the card ID

• Asset management The user can record and retrieve the details of cards used on the module at any given point of time