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The fingerprint sensor is combination of R305 FP+ATMEGA 8  MCU board that can read different fingerprints and store in its own flash memory. The sensor can perform three functions namely Add(Enroll) , Empty Database or Search Database and return the ID of stored fingerprint.

Any of three functions can be called simply by making the pin low of the sensor or pressing onboard three switches. The response is either error or ok which is indicated by onboard LED. The response is also returned as single serial data byte. The return byte is a valid ID or error code. The response byte is a single byte at 9600 bps thus making whole sensor very easy to use. We have provided indicating LEDs and function switch already so it’s ready to use when you receive it. Just give power and start using the sensor using onboard switches. Then you can move on making external application using these functions. 


  • Easy to use
  • Status LEDs
  • Function Switches
  • Single byte response
  • Works at 5V
  • UART 9600bps response


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