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 8 DIgital Control Module Common Anode LED Display Board Serial Digital Tube Display Module


 Using two 595-driven digital control, 3-way single-chip IO port needs, according to the digital tube display dynamic scanning principle ,Wide operating voltage of 3.3V to 5V and the PCB board size was 71mm * 22m the digital model: 0.36 4 were positive and it was 5 x 8 Digital Control Module

              8 keys display module description this module adopting chip tm1638, set the above three kinds of single chip microcomputer common peripheral circuit, the biggest characteristic is to simply take microcontroller three io mouth can drive, scanning display and key scan don't need microcontroller intervention, only need to register to display data related to reading and writing or testing buttons, save mcu resources. Parameter: using chip:tm1638size:75mmx48mm (approx)rated voltage: dc 12vvoltage range: dc7. 0 v-13. 6 vinput power: 0. 24 arated speed: 9500 r. P. Mtemperature range:-10? 70 ° cnet weight:27 g including the following resources:1. 8 key2. 8 led common cathode3. 8 digital tube common cathodeuse tm1638 digital tube drive chip to drive common cathode led digital tube connection method:vcc gnd connect 5v power supply, stb clk dio connect mcu i/o port packing list: 1pcs tm1638 display module 5pcs 20cm free dupont cablepayment 1. it connects microprocessor and 8 digit 7 period of digital LED display, also can be connected to the bar graph display or 64 independent LED. It includes a piece of type B BCD coder, multiple scanning circuit, period of word drive, but also an 8 * 8 static RAM used to store every data. Only an external register used to set each LED segment current.

A convenient four wire serial interface can connection all general microprocessor. Each data can be addressed in the update don’t need rewriting all the display. MAX7219 also allows the user to each data selection coding or not to code.
The whole equipment includes A 150 μ A low power consumption closed mode, analog and digital brightness control, A scanning limit register allows users to display 1-8 bits of data, and A let all LED luminous detection model.

A convenient four-wire serial interface can connect all common microprocessor. Each data can be addressed in the update without rewriting all displays.
• The entire device includes a 150μA low-power shutdown mode, analog and digital brightness control, a scan-limit register allows the user to display 1-8 bit data, there is an all LED light detection mode.
• Only need three IO ports can drive eight digital tube, the module compatible of 5v/3.3v microcontroller.
• PCV board four corners of the fixed copper stud, which can effectively percent short circuit accidents happen.


  • Working voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • 8-bit serial input  8-bit serial or parallel output
  •   Storage register with 3-state outputsn  Shift register with direct clear
  •  100 MHz (typical) shift out frequenc
  •   ESD protection:  HBM JESD22-A114F exceeds 2000 V
  •   MM JESD22-A115-A exceeds 200 V
  •   Multiple package optionsn C°C to +125 °40 -C and from °C to +85 °40 - Specified from
  • Power: 5V
  • Material: PCB + Electronic Components
  • 8bits, 8keys,8LEDs,8digital tubesCommon cathode LED digital tube
  • With TM1638 Chip, this module gather more than 3 common SCM Peripheral circuits.
  • The advantage is that only three IO ports will be occupied when it drives.
  • SCM doesn`t need to work for scaning display and key scaning.
  • It only need to read the relevant register to send display data or test button so it save MCU resources effectively.
  • Keys are sensitive and display effectively.
  • How to connect: VCC GND 5V power supply, STB CLK DIO SCM IO port


  • Weight: 28g
  • Color: as the picture show
  • Material: glass fiber reinforced plastic, PBT shell, PA blades

Package Included:
1xLED Display Module
5xDupont Lne Connectors

Applications :

  • Bar-Graph Displays
  • Industrial Controllers Panel Meters
  •  LED Matrix Displays
  • Home automation
  • Serial-to-parallel data conversion
  •  Remote control holding register

VCC and GND Do not reversed, it would burn the chip
51 MCU P0 port requires pull-up resistor, if your device does not have a pull-up resistor can be connected to other ports data lines

  • VCC 5V
  • DIN P00
  • CS P01
  • CLK P02