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This motor mount bracket is designed for Side Shaft and Center Shaft DC Gear Series motor, making motor mounting convenient. Brackets consist of 2mm thick MS steel. This is an L-clamp for central shaft metal gear motor used in different robotics applications.

Features of L Clamp For Central Shaft Metal Gear Motor:

·         Material: MS steel.

·         Thickness: 2mm thick.

·         Motor mounting side - Height 39 mm, width 39 mm;.

·         Bracket mounting side - Height 22 mm, width 39 mm.

·         Hole for Motor mounting: 1- 14mm diameter.

·         Holes for chassis mounting: 3 - 3mm diameter each.

·         6 standard size mounting holes for Chassis give enough strength to the joint.


§  Material: 2mm thick MS steel

§  Size: Motor mounting side: Height 41mm, Width 38mm; Bracket mounting side: Height 21.5mm, Width 38mm

§  Hole for Motor mounting: 14mm diameter

§  Holes for chassis mounting: Six holes of 3mm.



§  DC motor position / velocity control

§  Position and velocity servomechanisms

§  Factory automation robots

§  Numerically controlled machinery

§  Computer printers and plotters

§  This L-type motor clamp is used in various robotics projects.