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•    Includes LPC2138 board with USB 2.0 full-speed device.
•    Supports LPC2129/38/48 Header Boards.
•    2- CAN busses
•    On Board Two RS-232 Interfaces with female DB9 Connectors.
•    Screw Terminal / DC Jack for External power Supply.
•    External Power Supply range of 5V to 12V.
•    Adaptor (any standard 9-12V power supply) option.
•    Board Supports LCD (16x2 and 20x4 in 4bit Mode) and Graphical LCD.
•    On board I2C EEPROM (4K-AT24C04).
•    On board I2C RTC (DS 1307) with Crystal and Battery.
•    On Board eight multiplexed 7-Segment LED Display.
•    On Board 4x4 Matrix keyboard (16 keys).
•    On Board Pull-Up (8 User Keys) Keyboard.
•    On Board 8 LED Interface to test I/O.
•    On Board 8 DIP Switch.
•    On Board External interrupt and Reset buttons.
•    On Board 2 Potentiometer interface to ADC (CH1, CH2).
•    On Board DAC (IC DAC0808N) with LM358 Op Amp.
•    On Board Two Relays AC (7A/250V and 10A/120VAC) and DC (12A/120V and 10A24VDC).
•    On Board ULN2003 and L293D Motor Driver Interface.
•    On Board 5x7 Dot Matrix Display.
•    On Board CAN Transceiver Interface (IC MCP2551).
•    On Board Piezo Buzzer Interface.
•    On Board PWM Output pin.
•    On Board LDR and NTC Thermistor IC.
•    On Board Bluetooth Interface Support.
•    On Board ESP8266 Interface Support.
•    On Board Micro SD Card Support.
•    On Board XBee Interface.
•    On Board 12 MHz Crystal Oscillator.
•    On Board Power LED Indicator.
•    On Board MICRO USB TYPE B Socket Connector (Power and Serial Communication).
•    Power Supply Reverse Polarity Protection.
•    Demo HEX codes included for testing of board features.