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•    Compact and ready to use design.
•    On board Two Line LCD Display (2x16, 2x24).
•    On Board graphical display Interface.
•    On Board dot matrix display Interface.
•    Eight multiplexed 7-Segment LED Display.
•    On Board 8 LED Interface to test I/O.
•    On Board NTC (103) Sensor Interface.
•    On board LDR sensor interface.
•    On Board piezo Buzzer Interface.
•    On Board Matrix keyboard (16 keys).
•    On Board DIP switch Interface.
•    On Board micro SD card Interface.
•    On Board L293d Interface.
•    On Board 12v, 7.5A Relay Interface.
•    On board I2C EEPROM (4K-AT24C04).
•    On board I2C RTC (DS 1307) with Crystal and Battery.
•    On Board ADC0804 Interface.
•    On Board ULN2803 Interface.
•    Screw terminal for AC power Supply input.
•    External Power Supply range of DC 9V to 20V.
•    Adaptor (any standard 9-12V power supply) option.
•    On Board 1 Amp Voltage Regulator.
•    On Board CAN bus (MCP2551) Interface.
•    On Board DB9male and female Connector.
•    RS-232 Interface with max232 chip connection.
•    On Board XBEE Interface.
•    On Board micro USB Connector.
•    On Board Bluetooth Interface Support.
•    On Board ESP8266 Interface Support.
•    Variable potentiometer with analog channel select pin.
•    On Board ISP Connector for Atmel microcontrollers.
•    On Board 40 pin socket, I/O PORT pins, UART communication, PWM connection.
•    On Board 16 MHz Crystal Oscillator.
•    On Board Power LED Indicator.
•    Can be used as main board for developing applications.