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USB interface, support USB power supply, USB download, USB communication (and PC machine communication) external power supply, scrolling;  Can through the USB interface and PC machine do serial communication experiment; Eight LED running lights, convenient program debugging,  All pin by double row by row needle extraction, and a pin dimension, 2.54 mm standard spacing, expansion convenient;  With NRF905 wireless module interface, can do wireless digital experiment;  Board with standard 14 needle JTAG simulation debugging interface and the reset button;  Board reserve three way 3.3 V and 5 V take electric interface, convenient for peripheral equipment power supply;  Board can external power from electric, also can USB take electric;  Plate with four bronze column, enhance the circuit board of the durability and reliability; With minimum system board, convenient change chip;


  • 160 2 LCD interface;
  • 128 LCD interface;
  • DS18B20 interface;
  • infrared receiving head, integration receiving head;
  • 485 module, can do 485 pass real experiment;
  • RS232 module, may do RS232 communication;
  • wireless module interface, can do CC1100, NRF24L01, NRF905 wireless communication;
  • plate load 8 m crystal oscillator, can call waiting, can change at crystal oscillator;
  • plate load AD module, may do AD modulus conversion experiment