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                 A semiconductor cooling device as a special source of cold, the technology has the following advantages and characteristics:  does not require any refrigerant, can work, there is no source of pollution there is no rotating parts, will not produce rotation effect, there is no sliding parts is a The devices of the kinds of solid work without vibration, noise, long life, easy to install. Semiconductor cooling device has two functions, not only cooling but also heating and cooling efficiency is generally not high, but the induced thermal efficiency is high, always greater than 1. Therefore, a device can replace the discrete heating and cooling system.                              Semiconductor refrigeration is the current change can device, the input current control, achieve high-precision temperature control, coupled with the temperature measurement and control instruments, easy to implement remote control, program control, computer control, facilitate the composition of the automatic control system .  Semiconductor cooling device is very small thermal inertia of the cooling caused by heat time soon, in the hot side heat cold side no-load case, the power of less than a minute, the Cooler will be able to achieve the maximum temperature difference. The reverse use of the semiconductor cooling temperature difference power generation, semiconductor cooling device is generally applicable to the low temperature power generation.

On the power of the individual cooling components of the semiconductor refrigeration is very small, but combined into a stack using the stack of the same type of string, the parallel combination of methods into a refrigeration system, the power can do great, and therefore caused The cold power can do a few milliwatts to 000 watts range.  Semiconductor cooling temperature difference range from the positive temperature 90   C to the negative temperature of 130 CC can be achieved.



  • Small and lightweight, convenient for use.
  • Designed specifically for power generation. 
  • Sealed for moisture protection and contain thermal elements formulated for optimum Seebeck power generation. 
  • High temperature 150?, with NM static protection.
  • Model Number:TEC1-12715
  • Item :TEC1-12715 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier
  • Imax: 10A