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Blood Pressure Basics:

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries as it is pumped around the body by the heart. When your heart beats, it contracts and pushes blood through the arteries to the rest of your body. This force creates pressure on the arteries. Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers— the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) over the diastolic pressure (as the heart relaxes between beats). The unit which measures this is called Sphygmomanometer.

Monitoring blood pressure at home is important for many people, especially if you have high blood pressure. Blood pressure does not stay the same all the time. It changes to meet your body’s needs. It is affected by various factors including body position, breathing or emotional state, exercise and sleep. It is best to measure blood pressure when you are relaxed and sitting or lying down. New Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter Intelligent automatic compression and decompression measure systolic, diastolic and pulse at the same time
Easy to operate, switching button to start measuring.

Classification of blood pressure for adults (18 years and older)


Systolic (mm Hg)

Diastolic (mm Hg)


< 90

< 60







Stage 1 Hypertension



Stage 2 Hypertension



Hypertensive Crisis

≥ 180

≥ 110

High blood pressure (hypertension) can lead to serious problems like heart attack, stroke or kidney disease. High blood pressure usually does not have any symptoms, so you need to have your blood pressure checked regularly.

Output Readings

Following are example output readings from sensor. Each reading consist of 15 bytes at 9600 baud rate. The reading packet's last byte is always enter key character(0x0A in hex and 10 in decimal) so you can view each reading on new line. Also this character can be used to sync in microcontrollers after reach readings.

The output reading is 8bit value in ASCII format fixed digits, from 000 to 255.

Typical reading will be like below where the three values seperated by comma and space.

  • Systolic
  • Diastolic
  • Pulse


  • Large, Easy to Read Display
  • Auto power off in 120 seconds idle time
  • Display: Digital LCD
  • High-accuracy
  • Easy to operate
  • Power Supply: DC 3V AAA battery x 2 (NOT included)
  • Store last 60 readings
  • Velcro Straps
  • Retail Box Packaging
  • Printed English Operating Manual
  • Humidity:
    30%--80%RH Temperature 5 degree-40degree
  • Sevice Life: About 10000 Times
  • Test Scope :
    Pressure: 0-299mmHg

Note: This product gives blood pressure reading along with heart rate for your personal monitoring and reference. This product is NOT to be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Consult your doctor before taking any medication of blood pressure.


  • Package Size :90 x 85 x 50mm
  • Product Size :70 x 72 x 23mm
  • Original box: NO
  • Net weight: 85g
  • Color: White
  • Packing content:
    1 x Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor & Heart Beat Meter
    1 x Manual


  • Used to measure both systolic and diastolic pressure
  • Typical Blood Pressure monitors are big, bulky, and nearly impossible to use without assistance.
  •  use the Velcro straps to easily secure Monitor to your wrist and push the blue button. In less than one minute you will have systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and your pulse rate.
  • The display is large and easy to read.



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