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IR is widely used in remoter control. With this IR receiver, the Arduino project is able to receive command from any IR remoter controller if you have the right decoder. Well, it will be also easy to make your own IR controller using IR transmitter.

The IR Remote Receiver Electronic Brick has 3 pins. From left to right they are: (G) Ground, (V) Voltage, (S) Signal. BUT the marking sometimes vary on the little circuit board. In this photo they are marked G-R-Y. The 3-pin cable in the photo has the typical color code: (G) Ground = Black, (V) Voltage = Red, (S) Signal = White.
This brick also comes with the IR Infrared Robot Remote Control Kit which has a remote with arrow buttons for direction etc. (Scroll down for example). It is also in the YourDuino Electronic Brick Set.

There are many different IR remote controls. Some from are the low-cost IR Infrared Remote Control Kit 2 and also the IR Remote included as part of the MAKER Version Electronic Brick Starter Set Then, there are the typical TV and Stereo Remotes. All of these may have different encoding methods and number of physical buttons, and different codes received when a button is pressed. Below we will give example Software Sketches for a few common IR Remotes.

The IR Remote supplied with this Set looks like this (Others may also be supplied):

- Based on NEC protocol; Built-in 1 x AG10 battery;
- Remote control range: above 8m;
- Wavelength: 940Nm;
- Frequency: crystal oscillator: 455KHz; IR carrier frequency: 38KHz

This is especially good for remote control of a small robot, using the arrow buttons. Below is an example Software Sketch for this remote. The reported buttons will be Forward, Left, Right, Reverse (for the 4 blue button), OK for the red 'OK' button, 1 to 0 for the white number buttons, and '*' and '#' for the bottom red buttons.

(Copy and paste the Sketch below into a blank Arduino IDE Window), Upload to your Arduino and start the Serial Monitor window. Connect the IR receiver to +5V, Ground and the signal to pin 11. If you have the MAKER Version Electronic Brick Starter Set you can just plug in the supplied IR Receiver Brick with one of the 3-pin cables.

Containing three 20cm DuPont line:
1. Sensor uses HX1838, high sensitivity
2. Operating voltage 5V
3. Output form: Digital output

Module Interface Description:
VCC: 3.3V-5V external voltage (can be directly connected to the 5v microcontroller and 3.3v microcontroller)
GND: external GND
IN: external microcontroller I/O port, I/O port has been designed 10K pull-up resistor

Kit theory test distance of about 5-8 meters, but the practical application depends on the ambient factors you use, as well as the middle barrier (such as diaphragm, glass, obstructions or other material blocking), receiving head with HX1838 with power work instructions lights, receive 38K frequency any remote coding data!