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  • Induction to object 0, not induction when output 1, can be directly and 3 v and 5 v SCM IO port connected.
  • Induction distance 2 to 40 cm, distance, anti-interference ability. (note: infrared sensor is not detecting all objects can be the same distance away, different colors of objects to light the reflectivity of the color of the object is different, the deeper the more close to black detection distance is short, this sensor 2 to 40 cm is on the white wall measurement out)
  • Speed is quick, is suitable for intelligent car obstacle avoidance, black and white line trace, prevent drop, the product counter, line cutting, liquid level detection, etc.
  • Use the sensor made of black and white line tracing cars need not in the white paper on the black line running, can be in cement, yellow and complex environment tour line trace. As long as the color of periphery of the black line than black slightly shallow can, eliminate the traditional move, make the environment layout more simple.
  • This sensor 3 to 6 v power supply, range ultra wide, suitable for 3 v and 5 v of the single chip microcomputer system.
  • Take that can end, EN end is equal to "1" sensor doesn't work, equal to the "0" while you work. Sensors on jumping on cap after EN end long-term ground (EN long-term as "0"). To use EN end when you take off the jump cap.
  • Frequency adjust potentiometer is used to adjust infrared transmitting tube carrier frequency, because integration receiving head in a particular 38 KHZ carrier frequency is the most sensitive. Will 502 resistance clockwise transferred to do (that is, the brightness of the tube will be transferred to the maximum), then alignment white wall adjustable 103 resistance, has been transferred to the induction farthest distance is so far, this sensor has been working in the best state.

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