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A current sensor is a device that detects electric current (AC or DC) in a wire, and generates a signal proportional to it. The generated signal could be analog voltage or current or even digital output. It can be then utilized to display the measured current in an ammeter or can be stored for further analysis in a data acquisition system or can be utilized for control purpose.

The sensed current and the output signal can be:

·         Alternating current input,

·         analog output, which duplicates the wave shape of the sensed current

·         bipolar output, which duplicates the wave shape of the sensed current

·         unipolar output, which is proportional to the average or RMS value of the sensed current

·         Direct current input,

·         unipolar, with a unipolar output, which duplicates the wave shape of the sensed current

·         digital output, which switches when the sensed current exceeds a certain threshold

 Current transformers (CTs) are sensors that are used for measuring alternating current. They are particularly useful for measuring whole building electricity consumption (or generation for that matter).

The split core type such as the CT in the picture above, is particularly suitable for DIY use it can be clipped straight on to either the live or neutral wire coming into the building without having to do any high voltage electrical work.

The 1122 measures AC current up to 30 Amps and DC Current from -30Amps to +30Amps. Dual outputs allow the user to measure both the AC and DC components of complex current waveforms separately.


·         Input Current: 0~100A AC

·         Output Mode: 0~50mA

·         Non-linearity: ±3%

·         Turn Ratio: 100A:0.05A

·         Resistance Grade: Grade B

·         Work Temperature: -25°C ~ ?70°C

·         Dielectric Strength(between shell and output): 1000V AC/1min 5mA

·         Leading Wire in Length: 1m

·         Open Size: 13mm x 13mm


·         Suitable for the current measuring

·         Monitoring and protection of AC motor

·         Lighting equipment

·         Air compressor

Sensor Properties

Sensor Type

Current (AC/DC In-Line)

Sensor Output Type


Input Current Min

± 75 mA

Input Current Max

± 30 A

Surge Current (Input)

100 A

Measurement Error Max

5 %

Sensor Response Time Max

10 ms

Electrical Properties

Input Frequency

10 kHz

Supply Voltage Min

4.5 V DC

Supply Voltage Max

5.5 V DC

Current Consumption Max

10 mA

Output Impedance

1 kΩ

Input Impedance

1.5 mΩ

Output Voltage Min

0 V DC

Output Voltage Max

5 V DC

Physical Properties

Recommended Wire Size

10 - 26 AWG

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C





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