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USB Barcode Decoder - Serial Output

The product is a USB Host which accepts any USB Barcode Scanner at its USB port and decodes the barcode reading. The data is output as serial TTL UART at 9600 baud rate for easy interfacing with various applications. The output is suitable for 3V or 5V level microcontroller applications.


Easy to Use with variety of barcode scanners/readers (including wireless barcode scanners)
Barcode status LEDs supported
Multicolor Status LEDs for Error, Activity and Power
Simple output can work with any type of microcontroller
Also accepts Wireless Barcode also by inserting its RF receiver into USB host port

TX-OUT - Transmit output, usually goes to your microcontroller receive pin RXD
+5V - Regulated +5V power input
GND - Common Ground
DET - Idle Low, Goes High when barcode activity happens. Goes low again after data transfer at TX pin is finished. Useful for input to external microcontroller for polling or interrupt to process the data from board.
Note: RX-IN pin and other pins are not used in this application, leave it floating. Below you can see, we have provided holes for mounting header of 2.54mm pitch if required.

Status LEDs

Board has three LEDs
PWR - Green LED indicate that board is getting power
STS - Yellow LED indicate any barcode activity
ERR - Red LED indicate any error like barcode not detected
Output Data Format

9600 bps - 8 - N - 1 (No parity)
Output voltage level 3.3V TTL UART (Can also connect to 5V operated MCU RX pin directly.)
Data is sent out only when any barcode is read.
Please note, This product does not include barcode scanner. Its only serial output decoder board for any USB barcode scanners.

Interfacing UART Serial Data by various methods

RS232 Interfacing

To Interfacing with PC's Serial port, which has RS232 level(+/-12V) the output from board needs to be converted to RS232 level by using MAX232 IC. Then the data is connected to PC's RS232 port. Board+MAX232 will need external +5V power supply and ground has to be common between both boards.

USB Interfacing

One advantage of using USB to interface is you can use power supply from USB itself.